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Shear Vane Calibration
Hand Held Shear Vane Calibration Services

We are able to offer traceable calibration of your hand shear vane. Calibration covers one hand tool with up to 3 vane attachments and includes a certificate with measured results at 20%, 60% and 95% of the range of the instrument.

The measured results are quoted in units of shear strength (kPa), and the certificate provides traceabilty to National Standards.

For more information, give us a call on 01257 244 670 or send an enquiry from our contact page.

Please note: Our hand shear vane service extends only to calibration. We are not able to offer a repair service for hand shear vanes. Nor can we include them on our free collection/delivery runs. 

Shear Vane Calibration
Typical Manufacturers
ELE, Geonor, Impact, Pilcon
Typical Instrument Types
Hand Held Shear Vane Soil Tester