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Electrical Calibration - UKAS
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Electrical Test Equipment Calibration - Services Overview

With an electrical calibration capability on frequency up to 20GHz, voltage up to 40kVDC and current up to 1000ADC, we can provide UKAS calibration on most types of DC or LF electrical tester or meter, from hand held field instruments to laboratory standards.

Our use of the very latest automated programmable electrical calibration systems means lower prices and faster turnaround than ever before on most hand held portable instruments.

Bench type equipment such as counter timers, long scale multimeters, oscilloscopes and power supplies are also covered by our UKAS electrical accreditation.

For more information, give us a call on 01257 244 670 or send an enquiry from our contact page.

17th and 18th Edition Tester Calibration

We can offer fast turn around and low prices on all 18th edition tester calibration, including check boxes, with full UKAS certification included.

Electrical Site Calibration Services

We are able to provide on-site UKAS electrical calibration for a large range of measuring equipment.

However, because of the cost and logistics involved in the transportation of sophisticated laboratory equipment, customers usually prefer to limit on-site electrical calibration to built in panel meters and process control instrumentation.

UKAS 18th Edition Tester Calibration v Check Box

Is 18th edition tester calibration really necessary, or am I OK to just use a Check Box periodically?

There are companies who will sell you a Check Box and tell you that there is no need to send your meter or tester away for calibration. Simply check it periodically yourself using the Check Box. To help you decide whether this is good advice you need to consider what you get for the money you spend on having the meter calibrated.

Proper meter calibration carried out periodically by a UKAS accredited electrical calibration laboratory, where the accuracy of the meter under test is compared with a standard of known accuracy, under repeatable controlled conditions will give you peace of mind and in depth knowledge about the performance of your meter across its full operating range. You'll get a UKAS calibration certificate detailing the full measured results and a quantified statement of the uncertainty of those results.

A quick comparison with a check box "in the field" will not deliver the same level of confidence. Check boxes do however have their place. They are very useful for carrying out quick in-service checking of the major functions of a meter between calibrations. Especially useful when you are on-site, if the meter has been dropped or subjected to overload. Proper UKAS meter calibration is however the only way you can be absolutely sure that the measurements made with the meter are of known accuracy and can be relied upon.

Would you buy a second hand car without an MOT? Probably not. The risks and dangers are obvious. Similarly, the risks and dangers of relying on electrical measurements made using an un-calibrated meter should be equally obvious. To sum up then, check boxes have their place, but their use should not be considered an acceptable alternative to a proper calibration by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

For more information, give us a call on 01257 244 670 or send an enquiry from our contact page.

Electrical Calibration
Typical Manufacturers
Advantest, Agilent, Anritsu, Avo, Bird, Bruel and Kjaer, Chauvin Arnoux, Clare, Datron, Dranetz, Exfo, Farnell, Fluke, Gigatronics, Gould, Heme, Hewlett Packard, Iso-tech, Keithly, Kewtech, Kyoritsu, Lecroy, Marconi, Martindale, Megger, Metrohm, Motorola, Philips, Racal-Dana, Radiodetection, Robin, Rohde and Schwarz, Seaward, Sullivan, Tektronix, Time Electronics, Tinsley, Wavetek, Yew, Yokogawa
Typical Instrument Types
Ammeter, Amplifier electrical calibration, Attenuator, Bridge, Burst Generator, Capacitance Meter, CAT and Genny (Cable Avoidance Tester and Signal Generator), Check Box (16th and 17th Edition), Comms (Communications) Analyser,
Counter Timer, Coupler, Coupling Unit, Crimp Tool and Testing, Current Standard, Data Logger, Decade Box, Differential Probe, Earth Bond Tester, EMC Test Equipment, Filter, Flash Tester, Frequency Counter, Frequency Generator, HV (High Voltage) Generator or Source, Holiday Detector,
Installation Tester, Insulation Tester, LCR Meter, Loop Tester, Low Ohm Meter, Meter Calibration Check Box, MFT (Multi-function Tester), Microwave Counter, Milli-Amp Source, Milli-Volt Pot Source, Multi-Meter, Network Analyser, Ohm Meter, Optical Detector, Oscilloscope, PAT Tester,
Pre-Selector, Phase Indicator, Power Analyser, Power Meter, Power Splitter, Power Supply, Pulse Generator, Rate of Fire Monitor, RCD Tester, Resistor, RF Equipment, Selective Voltmeter, Shunt, Signal Analyser, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, Sky Screen, Stop Watch, Tachometer, Temperature Simulator, Termination / Load, Tester Calibration Check Box, Flash Tester, Timer, Transient Limiter, Velocity Computer, Voltmeter, Voltage Standard, Watt Meter, 16th and 17th Edition Multi-function Tester