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Dimensional Calibration - UKAS
Gauge Calibration - Tool Calibration - Mechanical Calibration

Specialising in the measurement of length, angle and form. Our UKAS accredited dimensional calibration laboratory caters not only for typical standard mechanical gauge and tool calibration, such as micrometer calibration, thread gauge calibration, or calibration of gauge blocks; but also complex purpose built jigs and fixtures and bespoke gauges.

Over the years we've made a massive investment in state of the art high end metrology standards and machines. Why not therefore take advantage of our dimensional metrology services for any difficult to measure mechanical components, or components with very tight tolerances, or simply for extra confidence perhaps for first article inspection.

A site calibration service is also available for difficult to remove items such as surface tables or other heavy equipment or machinery.

Summary of our gauge and tool calibration services, and our dimensional metrology services...

  • Calibration of dimensional measuring instruments, tools and gauges
  • Calibration of jigs and fixtures
  • First article inspection
  • Inspection of difficult to measure parts
  • Site calibration for large or heavy items

For more information, give us a call on 01257 244 670 or send an enquiry from our contact page.

Mobile Calibration Unit

You may have seen some gauge and tool calibration laboratories offering the services of a mobile calibration unit. And you could be forgiven for thinking this was the answer to all your problems.

No more having to be without your equipment whilst it is away for calibration.

No more having to buy duplicate equipment because you can't be without something, even for a few days.

The van turns up on a pre-agreed date and you get your tools and gauges calibrated the same day. Then they're straight back into service. Great!!

It's easy to understand why some calibration companies offer this service. There is an obvious desire for it within the market place.

But think about it for a moment...

An on-site calibration service is perfectly feasible for certain types of equipment. Eg. Electrical, pressure, temperature and even some types of dimensional calibration such as surface tables or large or heavy machinery that is difficult to move. Hand torque tool calibration for example is perfectly feasible on-site.

What you need to consider though, is how a properly accredited dimensional tool and gauge calibration laboratory operates.

The laboratory would be temperature controlled to 20 degrees C for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus permanently maintaining all of the measurement standards and equipment within the laboratory at a uniform stable temperature. And this is vitally important.

The gauges or equipment to be calibrated would be brought into the temperature controlled environment, and allowed to stabilise overnight before any calibration work commenced.

Think about this. Is such permanent tight control of the environment really achievable in the back of a van?

Even if it were achievable, what about stabilisation of your own equipment. Your gauges and tools that have just been collected from the shop floor and placed in the van.

What temperature was the equipment at when it was on the shop floor?

What temperature is it at after half an hour or an hour in the van?

Is anyone measuring this and calculating its effect on the accuracy of the calibration?

There is a further consideration...

Dimensional metrology laboratories are equiped with delicate mechanical instrumentation.

How does this instrumentation, in the back of the van, stand up to constantly being moved and subjected to mechanical vibration every day?

When we take calibration equipment on-site to perform a UKAS calibration we have to carry out before and after performance tests on the equipment so that we have full confidence in its accuracy whilst it was being used on-site.

Is this done every day with all of the equipment being used in the van?

In summary...

We offer on-site calibration services where we feel it is possible to deliver a high quality service at a reasonable price.

We do not however believe it is possible to deliver a high quality dimensional calibration service, covering a broad range of gauge, tool or instrument types, from the back of a van.

If you're still not convinced, try asking for UKAS calibration certificates. Rather than "Traceable to UKAS".

For more information, give us a call on 01257 244 670 or send an enquiry from our contact page.

Dimensional Tool and Gauge Calibration
Typical Manufacturers
Baty, Bowers, Brown and Sharp, Coventry Gauge, Johansson, Matrix, Mercer, Mitutoyo, Moore and Wright, Rabone, Rank Taylor Hobson, Renishaw, Roebuck, Sigma, SIP, Starrett, Sylvac, Tesa, Threadmaster, Trimos, Verdict, Yorkshire Precision Gauges, Zeiss, Zodiac
Typical Instrument Types
Angle Plate, Clinometer, Depth Micrometer, Dial Gauge, External Micrometer, Feeler Gauge, Gauge Block, Height Gauge, Jig and Fixture, Length Setting Rod, Paint Thickness Foil, Parallel, Plain Gap Gauge, Plain Plug or Roller, Plain Ring Gauge, Protractor, Screw Caliper, Screw Plug Gauge, Screw Ring Gauge, Setting Master, Sine Bar or Table, Sphere (Precision Ball or Balls or CMM Setting Ball), Square, Straight Edge, Surface Table, Thread Cylinder, Thread Vee Setting Jaw (for Metroscope), Vee Block, Vernier Caliper