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Crimp Test
Crimp Tool and Crimp Testing Services

In addition to a huge range of UKAS accredited calibration services Lambda also provides crimp test services to a broad cross section of industry throughout the UK.

Our crimp tool testing facility was originally developed in conjunction with experts from the aircraft industry and the rail industry. Two backgrounds where we're sure you'll agree, safety is paramount.

Crimp tool testing has for many years been carried out by periodically checking a crimp tool and/or finished crimped joint using "go/not-go" gauges. Every crimped joint however, is unique, and a finished joint can hide a multitude of possible defects. Simply gauging the crimp tool or the joint produced is not enough.

Standards exist for the performance of crimped joints in electrical cables, and in order to prove the actual performance of a finished crimped joint it is essential to perform a crimp test. This involves testing made-up specimens for mechanical strength and electrical integrity.

To sum up. Crimp tool testing which only involves gauging of the crimp tool or finished crimped joint is not enough. An actual performance test on the finished joint which has been produced using the same cable and terminals that you use every day is the only way to be sure that the crimp tool, the cable, the terminal and the operator are producing correctly performing crimped joints. Joints that wont fall apart or overheat in service.

We are able to offer pull-off testing and voltage drop testing of crimped joints to current relevant standards or customers' own requirements. 

Range of cable sizes covered: 0.05 to 300 sqmm

Download our instruction sheet for preparation of specimens for crimp test.

Or for more information, give us a call on 01257 244 670 or send an enquiry from our contact page.

Crimp Test
Typical Manufacturers
Amp, Daniels, Davico, DMC, Draper, RS, Sealey
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Crimp Tool